Property Description​

Landsberger Allee 53

Landsberger Allee 53

The property presented here at Landsberger Allee 53 / Virchowstrasse 1 is a classic, lovingly maintained apartment building from the Wilhelminian period in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

The building, built in 1912 as a corner building, directly opposite the popular recreation area Volkspark Friedrichshain, consists of two front buildings and a side wing which can be accessed by a total of four house entrances. The residential complex offers space for 8 commercial and 16 residential units on a total of 5 floors.

In 2005 and 2006, fundamental renovation work such as the renewal of the outer roof skin and the installation of a thermal composite system was carried out. The windows of the entire building were also replaced by modern, double-glazed windows. The entire strands of the building were also modernized. All water pipes, electrical lines and electrical distributions in the apartments have already been replaced and replaced. Since then, a new gas central heating system has been providing heat and hot water.

The rest of the community property will also undergo extensive renovation work in the spring. This gives the entire facade a new coat of paint and the entrance areas and stairwells are also brought up to date.

In conclusion, it can be summarized that all apartments of the property for sale here have been renovated in a very elaborate and high-quality manner and since then have had wooden floorboards or newly laid parquet, as well as newly tiled bathrooms with stylish sanitary objects and fittings. Partial floor plan changes were also made in some units in order to better adapt them to the requirements of modern life.

The expansion of the attic will take place in June of this year. On a total area of ​​approx. 715 m2, nine new attic apartments with approved roof terraces and an elevator will be built.